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On these various pages you can see the process of the standing womanfigure.

For my children I wanted to keep a scent of her motherhood vivid. That's the reason I made this standing mother figure.

klei1_thump klei2_thump klei_thump klei4_thump

mal1_thump mal2_thump mal3_thump

was1_thump was2_thump was3_thump was4_thump was5_thump was6_thump was7_thump was8_thump was9_thump was10_thump

cis1_thump cis2_thump cis3_thump cis4_thump cis5_thump cis6_thump cis7_thump cis8_thump cis9_thump cis9_thump cis11_thump cis12_thump cis13_thump cis14_thump cis15_thump

pat1_thump pat2_thump pat3_thump

br1_thump br2_thump br3_thump br4_thump br5_thump br6_thump br7_thump br8_thump br9_thump



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